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Frank Rumore

23 Higgins Court, Flemington, NJ 08822


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Expertise and Competencies


Analytical Instrument Design and Outsource Management

Electro-Mechanical, Spectra-Chemical and Electro-Optical Design Solutions

FDA Licensed Test Cartridges and Readers

Design Engineering Analysis Modeling Simulation

Detailed Manufacturing Documentation

Prototype Fabrication through New Product Introduction


Multi-Physics Modeling     Systems Analysis     Mechanical Parts Design    Mechanical Solid Modeling

Mechanical Drafting     Machine Tool Operation    CNC Machine Programming    PC Board Design and Layout

Precision Electronic Assembly   Pre-Production Prototyping   Engineering First Articles

Pilot Production and Startup


Affiliations and Accomplishments
CTO at Princeton Technical Sciences

Gallery 2007-2017 

​Scientific Instrument and Device Design and Manufacture

Microsoft Project Management - Embedded USB UART Applications – Embedded Wireless Bluetooth Applications - Digital, Electro-Pneumatic Design and Fabrication of Miniature Digital Electro-Pneumatic Controllers – Conceived, Designed, Prototyped and Produced Custom OEM Temperature, Pressure and Optical Quality Control Test Probes - Photo Documentary Development Status Reports - Real Time Automatic QC Test Platforms - Ring-Bound User and Service Manuals - Catalyzed Hydrogen Energy Systems and High Powered Lasers – Computer Numerical Control Machining


Technology Director at Cambridge Instruments

Gallery 2006-2001

Scientific Instrument and Disposable Test Cartridge System Design and Outsourcing

Full Detail Design and Fabrication of Analytic Test Cartridge and Reader Systems

Heavy 3D CAD for Milled, Turned and Sundry Outsourced Components and Complex Curvature Surface and Thin Shelled Molded Parts     Prototype and Pre-Production Componentry

Hand Milled, Turned and Cast Design Optimization via In-Depth Multi-Variant Modeling

Design, Modeling and Simulation of Embedded Firmware
Designed the Charles River Laboratories Portable Test Reader and Disposable Cartridge System

Chosen by NASA for use aboard the International Space Station

Lab-on-a-Chip Application Development Platform


Principal Engineer at International Technidyne Corporation

Gallery 2001-1993

​​Test Instrument and Disposable Cartridge System Development

Continuous Coagulation Monitoring Systems for Cardiac Perfusion Machines

Designed first successful microfluidic pump for the "ProTime" product line

Open Heart Surgical and Point-of-Care Coagulation Management Devices

Prototype through 1st Articles of In-Vitro Diagnostic ‘Virtual’ Instrument Systems

PC Based Controller, Precision Temp Controlled Reaction Chamber and Disposables

Liquid Sample Conveyance via Motors, Solenoids, Pumps and Prompts

Embedded Thermal, Photometric, Pneumatic and Magnetic Sensors Monitor Reactions Windows Based Monitoring, Control, and Processing via PC Bus Data I/O Cards

Icon-based Real Time Software Drives, Tests, Debugs and Validates

in Advance of Production Hardware and Software

‘Virtual Instrument’ Development Paradigm Spotlights Critical Problems Early

Minor Projects included a Reagent Dispenser, an Automated Hermetic Testing Machine, and Re-Inventing ITC’s Core Technology of Multi-Channel Syringe Pumps


Product Development Engineer at BIOS International

Gallery 1993-1989

​Designer of the original "Proven Dry-Cal Technology"

Conception through Detail Mechanical Design, Fabrication and Production of Pneumatic and Colorimetric Test Instruments Including

Air Flow Calibrating Instrument with Interchangeable Volumetric Cells

Stationary and Personal Constant Air Sampling Pumps, Multi and Indexing Tube

Responsible Project Mechanical Engineer on Several Commercial Introductions

Thermodynamic, Electro-Mechanical and Fluid-Dynamic, Concept through Reduction Prototyping, Test Analysis, Product Top-Assembly, Detail Mechanical Design, Component Outsourcing, Hands-on Modeling, Tooling, and Production Fixture Making, Production Training and Sundry Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing Support


Senior Product Development Engineer at Becton Dickinson 

Gallery 1989-1988

Designed non-contacting blood gas readers and disposable cartridges

Thermo-Fluid / Electro-Mechanical Design of Point-of-Care Blood Gas Analyzers

Designed Miniature, Ion-Sensitive Electrodes and Attendant Isothermally Controlled Electrode Dock with Integral Calibration and Conditioning

Designed a Doubly Articulated Mechanism for System Disposable Capture and Transport

Designed Project Team's 1st Successful Membrane Based Disposable Test Cartridge

Designed Related Tooling and Assembly Fixtures, Established Effective Manufacturing Techniques

Fulfilled the Ad Hoc Mechanical Requirements of the Entire Development Team on a Spot Basis


Senior Product Development Engineer at Aerco International

Gallery 1988-1985

Responsible ME on Development Team for a Revolutionary Potable Water Heating Appliance

​Designed key Heat Exchanger Technology used in the KC-1000, the Progenitor of the

 Benchmark and Innovation Series of Large, Tankless Potable Water Heaters

Worked with and advised Draftspersons, Machinists and Technical Staff

Brought a stalled Spiral Heat Exchange Tube Forming Machine Project into Fruition

Designed all the Welding and Brazing Jigs and Fixtures for the Heat Exchanger Assy

Designed OEM ‘Flame Control’ and Wiring Harness in Compliance with

Underwriters Laboratory and Factory Mutual Seal Requirements


Chief Engineer at Gilian Instruments

Gallery 1985-1983

Engineered, Designed and Produced Precision Miniature Pneumatic Air Sampling Systems

Still Selling after over thirty years on the market: LFS-113 Low Flow Personal Sampler

Air Quality Monitoring, Engineered from Concept through Commercial Production

Successful Introductions include the AirCon Area Sampler Series

and the LFS-113, Still Sold for Over 30 Years

Re-Organized the Pneumatic Instrumentation Development Laboratory

Developed Manufacturing Methods / Supported Custom Applications


Mechanical Engineer at Electro-Nucleonics / Pharmacia

Gallery 1983-1980

Engineered the original GEMENI Beer-Lambert ‘Fast Clinical Analyzer’

Into a QC Platform for Production Quality Control Testing

Saved a stalled, Continuous-Web, Thermoforming and Sealing Machine Project by

Mechanical, Electrical and Fluidic Design Integration into a Single Custom Component

Mechanically Engineered an Automated Vacuum Diffusion Pump Test Stand

‘Q’-Cleared Responsibility for the Electro-Magnetic and Mechanical Stress Analyses, and the Production Tooling for a High-Speed, High-Energy Coefficient Permanent Magnet Motor for US DOE Uranium Enrichment Centrifuges


Staff Engineer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Gallery 1979-1977

Research in Applied Superconductivity and Electrical Machine Design

Staff Project Engineering Appointment on a US Department of Energy Development Program

for Fault Tolerant Superconducting Electrical Machinery

Designed Precision Machine Parts for Complex Experimental Apparatus

Prepared Detailed Machine Drawings of Same - Designed and Specified Fabrication and Assembly Fixtures - Supervised Construction of a High-Speed, Deep Cryogenic Rotor to test Thermo-Hydrodynamics at High Centrifugal Fields - Gained First Hand Familiarity with Practical Aspects of Mechanical Design, Particularly the Practical Limits of Parallelism, Perpendicularity and Tolerance with Standard Machine Tools – Became Experienced and Introspective regarding Ease of Assembly and Disassembly Early in a Design Job – Hands-On Metal and Engineering Plastics Parts Fabrication Experience includes Turning, Milling, Surface Grinding, Inert Gas Welding, and many, many Hours of Hand Modeling and Forming - Instrumentation Experience includes Custom Sensor Design and Fabrication, Ultra-Fine Gage Wiring, and most Standard Laboratory Instruments - Other Experience includes the Application of General Vacuum and Cryogenic Systems Technologies, Theoretical and Experimental Thermal, Stress and Electromagnetic Analysis, and Programming in MACSYMA with Finite Difference and Element Techniques


Gallery 1976-1954

2010 - present

2010 - present


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
​MS, Mechanical Engineering
The Cooper Union

BS, Mechanical Engineering

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