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Got a new product idea?


Don't know how to design or manufacture it?




Degreed at MIT and The Cooper Union, Frank Rumore was born loving science. Numerous hobby interests from an early age gave Frank a head start in mechanical engineering until he grew self reliant as his own draftsperson and machine tool operator, garnering the attention of mavens and gurus from all walks of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Their priceless mentorship and Frank's insatiable curiosity raised him to outlier status in the reduction of complex design requirements into practical commercial goods - quickly, reliably and cost effectively.

Consistently outperforms everyone else in the building!”

David Greenstein, MSEE



"If I ever started my own bio-tech company I would want to hire Frank because then I would have an edge that no one else would have."

Paul M. D'Agostino, PhD

Thoratec Corporation


"...the Rambo of New Product Development; like the guy they drop behind enemy lines to set up the invasion."

Chuck Balas, MBA

Project Manager, ITC

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